Providing a Holistic Approach to Joint Pain, Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

Styku 3D Body Scan Bradenton, FL

3D Body Scanning makes visualizing progress simple!

styku 3D body scan Sarasota FL
For many people, the first step to losing weight is being able to visualize the end goal. Losing weight can be extremely difficult for most and it may seem like a never-ending battle. Utilizing our services, we have provided many clients with the results they've been looking for. One of the tools we use to help people lose weight is a Styku 3D body scan in Bradenton, FL. Using the latest tech, we're able to help patients visualize that end goal much more easily. With this, you can start your weight loss on the right step.

This process isn't only for people just starting out losing weight, it's also for people who want to see the progress that they've made. The reason most people losing weight get a scale is to track their progress. Using the Styku 3D body scan in Bradenton, FL, we're able to get a much more specific picture of how your weight loss is affecting your body and what you can do to get closer to the body you want. While utilizing a scale is great, if you're lifting weights often, you may start to see a lull in your weight loss. Muscle is much more dense than fat, and while your scale may not be moving, you could be making all the right moves to get to your desired look. A Styku 3D body scan can confirm that you're headed in the right direction when it comes to your weight loss goals.

Keep reading to learn more about how 3D body scan works and how you can benefit from it. Here at Renew Wellness and Regenerative medicine, we only utilize the latest technology to help you hit your weight loss goals. If you think a body scan can help you with your weight loss, reach out to us today. Even if you'd just like to learn more about your body, we're sure you can utilize our services!

Styku is a 3-D body scanner that is the latest in high-tech body fat testing. This innovative fitness tool delivers millions of measurements (with a margin of error that is less than 1%) to create a 3-D image of your body in about 30 seconds. It does so much more than just take measurements, though. It analyzes your measurements to determine your body fat percentage, body volume, and identify your risk for certain health conditions.

The 3-D model gives you a complete 360º view of your body so you can have a realistic, complete view, front to back.

Best of all, there are no age, weight, or fitness restrictions. Anyone can take advantage of Styku's health benefits!

This is how it works

Simply stand on the turntable and stay completely still for just 30 seconds. The platform will slowly rotate while the 3-D camera does its thing, taking more than 600 high-resolution, infrared images of your entire body. That’s it. In seconds you have access to a comprehensive digital report containing much more than your measurements.

Watch your hard work pay off as your body shape changes and your health risks are lowered. Once the 3D model of your body is made, Styku uses advanced technology in feature recognition to identify specific base points such as your waist, hips, and bust. It analyzes that information to create measurements including volume, circumferences, and surface areas so that you get a more accurate, detailed picture of the size and shape you really are – not the distorted, larger version that our minds often trick us into believing. You can view the model of your body from all sides and even zoom in on any area you like.
Providing a Holistic Approach to Joint Pain, Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

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